27939218-property-valueServices & Capabilities

We offer 2 different appraisal softwares to be used; we have the lastest in digital technology; and we offer several types of electronic mailing systems.


We currently are using Ala Mode Win Total software. If you prefer a certain software you can choose which software you would like us to use.

Ala Mode Win Total software has the ability to be electronically submitted to you.

Digital Technology

We use the lastest in technology when it comes to our digital cameras. These cameras allow us to take high resolution pictures and put that with a
Laser color printer and you have digital image that looks like a real photo.

Electronic Mailing Systems

EDI allows you the capability to immediately receive appraisals. There is no overnight shipping cost; tracking is eliminated, and no need for faxing.
The original appraisal is in your hands as soon as its completed.

PDF format allows any one to view the appraisal, no matter what appraisal software is used. The files are viewed in Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free at


Email is another way to send your report. It can be emailed directly to your email address.